Top Mobile Pokies

The technology appears to be going onward rather fast, and it looks as if it is not planning to stop. And one of the top things regarding this is the fact that this technology is used as well to bring us amusement and joy. And one of the ways it brought us both of those things is through online casinos that brought us mobile pokies that could be played on all the versions of your smart phone, including Androids, iPhones and Blackberries.


It ought to be said that those who play these mobile pokies maintain that they are as fun as the real thing you would usually play in real casinos. And one of the elements that make them amusing is the fact that they are completely secure and safe, and some even assert that they are even safer than the pokies you would usually find in the real casinos. And find that good enough and you now wish to recognize which mobile pokies are the best ones out there, we have chosen the 4 most popular ones, and we are about to tell you a thing or two about them.

1 – Avalon by Spin 3

Avalon is an extremely trendy mobile pokies game, and it is based on the well-known stories of King Arthur. It allows you to enjoy awesome graphics and audio, which is being used to make this famous King come alive again. Apart from the awesome appearance this mobile pokies has, it also offers great fun and also some bonus features. It also comprises some pay lines, spin bonuses, and Gamble Bonus games.

loooooooooooo2 – Lord of the Rings by Microgaming

Lord of the Rings was an extremely well liked trilogy of films, and so it is no wonder that this mobile pokies edition of it is also popular. It is one of the most frequently played mobile pokies to this day, and the slot machines here are made for both Android and Apple phones. This mobile pokies allows you some of the best graphics out there, which include movie backgrounds.

3 – Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming

Microigaming seems to be absolutely the best of the mobile pokies producers, and they have showed it with this app. This mobile pokies lets us experience the Norse mythology, and here you can follow the footsteps of Thor, the God of Thunder, who looks as if he was alive, thanks to the great audio and graphics. This is one of the things that make this game is so popular; and besides that, the storyline here is also awesome.


4 – Mega Moolah by Spin 3

This game has had more than 3.3 million dollars in payout until now, and that makes it one of the greatest mobile pokies games out there. And there is a good basis for this, due to the fact that this game lets you to get various huge jackpots, one of the best ones in the history of this game. The theme here is African safari, and you even get a chance win a prize of 1 million coins!

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