Slots of Heaven and Hell

Online slots game experience may vary depending on your goals and affiliation towards it.

If you play just for kicks and to pass time, you will be alright with free to play online slots like those on a Facebook and other social media.

However, if you looking for more colorful experience, more serious playing and adrenalin rush you should turn to slots that are based on playing for real money.

Most of these sites are offering free and real money playing, which is good thing.

It’s always best to warm up on free to play slot games and then decide whether or not to play for real money. Caution is always recommended.Heaven_and_Hell16720

So, what sites are offering?

Sites that are solely slot-based often are offering insane amount of slot themes, most of them based on a popular culture references such as movies, songs, TV shows, celebrities and generally everything that comes to your mind.

Graphics plays large part of it.

Real money sites usually offers best graphics and sound design as they are trying to bring you as closer as possible to feeling of playing at real casino, on real machine. More real it gets, more realistic is experience going to be. Why would you waste your time, for which you are paying money, to look something ugly?

Sound design are also playing huge roll in general. Smooth and light music contributes to your general gaming experience, because if you are irritated by music, how are you going to be able to sit for hours and play slots? Sound composition is often based on theme of the slot such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman and others. Visual style often follows theme that a slot is based and combined with sound, add up to overall experience.04_video_slot

As said, most common themes are Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, Back to the Future and other, based on popular movies. There are also, abstract themes, such as Fruits of Fury, Banana Mania and others.

As for security, usually large sites have tight anti malware and phishing measures. But, as always stated, caution is advised and common sense too. Plain and simple, be careful where you leave your card and pin numbers.

When talks come about money that you play on online slots, range is staggering. Most times, you can put any amount of money in it and as long as you like.

Rewards come in various forms, points, bonuses, cash outs and so on. Also, most sites give first deposit bonus: for example, on first 20 dollars you get free 1000 points or 20 dollars add-on. This varies from site to site, where of course big sites give out best bonuses and annual prizes.

So, to sum it up.

Online slot games are great deal of fun, whether you play free or real money and will spend a lot of hours staring at fruits, numbers another images, waiting for that magic number 7777 and a great prize.

But, for a real thrill, try real money and feel the adrenaline.

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